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Modern Day Qur'anic Guidance: A Contemporary Guide of Verses
[#6513 1G1 PB 401pp 9789830652092 ASN, By Ehsanul Karim, Easy English, reference guide]

Modern Day Qur\'anic Guidance: A Contemporary Guide of Verses

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Date Added: Wednesday 14 February, 2018

by KF

Praise be to Allah. Peace and blessing be upon his prophet, his companions and whosoever follows him.

I did read this book and found it very comprehensive and very beneficial for it covers a broad range of relevant subjects. It is a good contribution to the Islamic English Library.

In short, it is a valuable effort. May Allah reward the author.

Sufyan Hussein Umar
Imam Masjid As-Sunnah An-Nabawiyah
Montreal, Canada

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