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Redrawing The Middle East, Mark Sykes, Imperialism & Sykes-Picot
[#6579 1N2 HB 328pp 9781788311946 I.B. Tauris, Michael D Berdine, Britain's policies in the Middle Ea]

Redrawing The Middle East, Mark Sykes, Imperialism & Sykes-Picot

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Date Added: Friday 04 May, 2018

by KF

`Mark Sykes is one of those figures in the annals of British imperial history that many a budding student will come across - but seldom will they receive a thoughtful and engaged consideration as to whom he was. Dr Michael Berdine now makes it easier for both student and scholar, analyst and observer, to interrogate and understand the context of the man, and the role he played in this rather problematic and regrettable period of Britain's forays beyond its borders. Dr Berdine's efforts are all the more unique as compared to other historians' work in shedding light on this era - because Sykes' own exploits were mostly classified, and access to records and sources that would give us more insight was cut off. Dr Berdine does the reader a great service by going into those sources - and delivering to us, with a true historian's penchant for detail and interest, a narrative that is not merely conjecture, but based on genuine discovery. As the Arab world continues to feel the ramifications of those early years of the 20th century, more than a hundred years later, it behoves us to understand more, not less, about this poignant past - and we have Dr Berdine to thank for furthering the ability for us all to do so.' - H.A. Hellyer, Senior Non-resident Fellow at the RH Centre for the Middle East, Atlantic Council, Washington DC, and Professor at the Centre for Advanced Study of Islam, Science and Civilisation at the University Technology Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

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